Camera and Biking Gear

Go Pro Hero 5- I had to upgrade my old model gopro after it failed me in Thailand. We did AMAZING snorkeling and sadly (and angrily), the footage came out like crap. I didn’t want that ever happening again, and so I got the new hero 5. I must say, it’s pretty nice!! I took it to Puerto Rico for snorkeling and the pics came out beautifully. It’s already waterproof- so that’s a big plus, and then it also has an lcd to see your images live (yes!), and can connect to your phone wirelessly for remote shots.
​Accessories pouch for Go Pro- I found a great deal on an accessories pouch. It comes with a floater, chest mount, selfie stick, bike mount, case, and a bunch of other attachments. So far so good- the value is pretty good too!
Phantom 3 Drone- I had to get in on this drone action going around. The shots are amazing. Getting a birds eye view definitely offers some great photo ops. I didn’t buy a case for the drone, instead I fit it in my hiking bag without needing extra padding- it seems sturdy enough. It is bulky though- and having a special case would just add to the bulk in my opinion…. For travelling, I’ve been able to stuff it in my carry on quite nicely with clothes around it for padding. The Mavic Pro is something I’d like to upgrade to in the future. It is way more portable and sadly twice the price.
My regular camera- an old Sony DSLR Nex-5r. One day I’ll upgrade, but for now it’s doing the job.
And of course I use my phone a lot too.

Knee Pads- A must for me! I got these awesome knee pads for women that I love. The knees are super cushiony and remind me of a memory foam bed/trampoline in one. They are strap ons by Velcro- very easy to take on and off and tighten to your liking. The main hesitation I had for pads was feeling them while riding. Honestly, I don’t even notice them while riding, and it gives extra confidence knowing that if I do fall, I’m protected. Another big reason why I wanted knee pads was because my inner knee would hit the top tube often- these pads have cushions there too, so you’re really getting a nice pad with these. My hubs uses Fox brand pads- which I believe are more suited for guys, but I tried them too and they def weren’t as cushioned as mine 🙂

Gloves- Another must. I love the padded Giro gloves I have. I’ve tried a few now and have to keep coming back to these. They are fingerless, which I like because it’s easier to use phone and grip handles, and not get too sweaty. They are also padded pretty well, to where I don’t get blisters and they are comfortable to use while riding. I’ve tried $45 Dakine gloves and got blisters… I will stick with these :). The only thing I don’t like about them is that the thumb pads don’t cover my thumb enough and sometimes I’ll get callousy after a long ride.

Hydration Pack- Having an excuse to stop riding can be great sometimes- you just say you’re thirsty, stop, and pull out your water bottle. However, most of the time it’s nicer to just drink on the go. For this reason I bought a 2L hydration pack, which is more than enough (unless you’re doing some 2+ hour ride). It has room for my keys, wallet, phone, snacks, camera, with room to spare. I’ve had my pack for over a year and it’s been used heavily. It’s starting to wear, but I definitely recommend it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.