Isabela Beach Hopping | Puerto Rico

Isabela is located in NW Puerto Rico and is a great destination for a more relaxed beach vacation. We flew into Aguadilla, and, armed with info on the area beaches, headed out for a day of beach hopping.

FYI: All of the beaches can be accessed with gps!

Shacks Beach

Starting early, we hit Shacks beach first. Shacks beach is best known for the natural “blue hole” formed by the reef just off of the coast. IMG_6342How to get there: It’s actually pretty tricky to get to. Off of the main road, there is a small sign for the beach along with a few other signs, so we missed it at first. Doubling back (thanks gps), we made the turn, headed down a narrow street, and had to stop and ask for directions. There’s an intersection area where you are meant to park along the sides, and then you must walk about 3-5 mins to the end of the road heading North toward the beach.  


The road to walk down after you park

We did some snorkeling through the reefs and got to see some small fish, fans, and coral.


Invasive lion fish. Don’t get too close! Poisonous!


LUNCH BREAK: Back on the main road there’s a great empanada restaurant that serves inexpensive and delicious empanadas: La Parada de Los Surfers. Convenient and yummy!IMG_6336IMG_6339

Pozo Teodoro

IMG_6355A beach with a shallow natural pool, Pozo Teodoro was our next stop. There’s a small sign for the entrance and narrow dirt road you must drive down. If you head to the right there is more parking available. You then park your car on the sand and walk across the dunes into the beach area.IMG_6350IMG_6352The swimming hole is surrounded by rocks and is nice for a dip if you don’t want to be hit by waves. Going up by the rocks, we had a blast watching the waves crash into them and make a huge splash. If you do go up there and explore, wear shoes. A wave pushed Simon and of course he cut his foot. GOPR0122GOPR0132GOPR0122-2IMG_1620

Playa Pastillo

A long stretch of beach with bigger waves and the opportunity to see sea caves (from May onward we were told). We flew the drone here and wrapped up our day of beach hopping.  IMG_6359GOPR0158DCIM100GOPROGOPR0163.JPGIMG_6360IMG_6373IMG_6374

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